We offer to all those interested a competitive and diversified offer of services, which we propose to meet the current market requirements related to:

Execution of construction works under general contractor contracts

  • Project management
  • Quality control, quality assurance and quality management
  • Tracking executions through technical personnel with execution for construction companies

Architectural and design services

  • Complete projects for civil works, roads, bridges and households
  • Project Technical Checks
  • Creating requirements
  • Documentation for auctions
  • Preparation of technical documentation for offers, valuations, job situations
  • Cadastre and cartography

Consulting services in construction, real estate development, patrimony

  • Services needed to realize investments from idea to turn-key, analyzing technical, technological solutions, financial advantages
  • Public procurement consultancy: preparation of awarding documents, clarifications, views, project management
  • Consultancy for the preparation of the quality manual and the control procedures according to the present legislation
  • Consultancy for project implementation management
  • Construction site, installation and art monuments
  • Achieving the Technical Paper of Construction